The Groundskeeper II Full Size Rake

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The Groundskeeper II Rake. Simply the most effective rake the homeowner or professional can have in their landscaping arsenal. 

The rake weighs in at less than 2 pounds and is as durable as it is lightweight. The no-break co-polymer head and fiberglass handle make this rake almost impossible to destroy. Because of the aggressive angle of the tines using the rake requires little or no down pressure. You can stand straight up while using the rake. With the pressure off your back you can now rake more with less effort! Results from the field with landscaping professionals are showing a reduction in raking labor dollars by as much 33%!

Let's view some of the uses this rake works great for.

  • Spreading Mulch
  • Spreading Rock(even up to 4" in diameter)
  • Dethatching
  • Tree Removal Clean Up
  • Stumpgriner Clean UP
  • Leaf Clean Up
  • Log Splitter Clean Up
  • Golf Course Clean Up and Bunker Grooming
  • And Much Much More.......